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To Dugan

Sissy, oh sissy

Lord, how I miss ye!

You would read that cheesy verse, give me the stare, shake your head and do that under-your-breath chuckle. I can see it. Can hear it. And oh how I miss it. We all miss you and your humor. We miss your warmth and generosity.  We miss your face and your plaid blouses. We miss your voice and your laugh. We miss your hugs.

But we have chosen to use some of that pain for this page. We honor you and create this extension of your legacy. We will see your face and hear your voice and feel your hug every time we view this page. We will watch the new life bloom and blossom and we will take comfort in knowing that you are at peace in your eternal field of yellow tulips.

~ Wally (Ruth's sister, Kathy)


Ruth and Her Siblings 2022

On Memorial Day weekend 2022, almost a month before she died,  Dan and Lee Waite hosted a surprise party for Ruth at their home in Charlotte.  Her siblings, (top row) Dan, Don, Dennis and (bottom row) Dave and Kathy were all able to be there.

Ruth and Her Family 2022

Ruth surrounded by her siblings, sibling's spouses, children, grandchildren and niece in May 2022.


Ruth, Dave and kathy

This is a recreation of a photo that Ruth's parents had made when Ruth and her siblings, Kathy and Dave, were kids.

Ruth in High School

Ruth graduated from St. Mary's High School, Lorain, Ohio in 1968. 

KK, Auntie, Rachel and Beck.jpeg

Ruth and Her Girls

Ruth, her sister Kathy and Ruth's daughters, Becky and Rachel, on a trip in Savannah, GA in 2009.

Ruth loved, and was loved

Ruth loved with her whole heart, and was loved beyond measure. Here she is with her great niece, Lyla, in 2017.

Auntie and Lyla (April 2017).jpeg
Crazy Hair.jpeg

Crazy hair, don't care

Ruth was hilarious. Even her hair had a sense of humor. 

We would love to include your favorite pictures of Ruth!

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